How can i apply for freelancer writer?

@julianarw (1524)
September 13, 2007 5:58am CST
Hai... I'd like to become a freelancer writer. Because i am a mother and i can not work outside house. I like typing and writing. Can someone in here give me information how to do that? And in what site i can find that job. Thanks.
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14 Sep 07
Hello, its me again:) First I wanted to let you know that the contest deadline will be extended, so if you want to get a (Free) membership now and meet with other writers, it may be a good idea as you could get a lot of great feedback on some of your writing and even take a free writing class before the next deadline of the competition! I'm really trying to build a large network of writers, educators, artist and photographers on my site. And, moms would be great writers, they alreay have an imagination, lol. :) As to your current discussion question, this is a tough one as the market for freelance writers are so competitive (not to discourage you) I would suggest first to visit a newspaper place and talk with a journalist, maybe be a shadow for an afternoon, see if their line of work or type of writing is your forte. Or, you could also visit a college campus Creative Writing Workshop, it is easier than one may think to butt in so to speak and sit in the back of a class while they give their workshop critiques. I thought I wanted to be a journalist at first, until I discovered how terribly shy I really was, and I like to go on and on and on, so book writing is right up my alley:) Or politics, lol (just kidding) There is a market for freelance writers. Maybe you could also jot down all of your interest, what do you like to read, or write about. What topics do you know somthing about already, and which ones would you like to go and research about to write an article about. There is also oral-history, writing. Sounds boring I know. I would love to do this if I was not in pain all of the time, but it does take time to travel, interviews, etc... I am just excited for you, being a mom and having an interest in writing. Go for it! Sometimes, moms forget about their dreams or plans, and it is easy to do. I think that you have a great goal and going about it strategically (sorry bout my spelling here) lol. I am no editor, heheeh. Feedback to a writer is like lab work for a doctor, without the responses of others we'd delete all of our work because we are the worse critics. I really hope you come to my site, get a free account and just talk to some other writers. Connie Platt is a member of our site, and she is a published author, she is very friendly and would probably love to talk to you about how to get started. I am still working on my first book, as I didn't start college until the age (29). I do know that no matter how tough the career is, if you love it, it does not seem like back breaking work. I hope all of my suggestions, comments have helped a little. Good luck to you, btw, if you don't get a membership please keep me in touch I would really like to offer you some feedback to a coulpe of your articles. --Sincerely, Katina Woodruff One Stop Write Shop