Research Before sending old cell phones for cash................................

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September 13, 2007 4:51pm CST
I thought I had done my research when attempting to send in old cell phones I had collected. I sent mine to "", reason being they offered the most for the phones. There is a reason they seem to offer a little higher than the others. THEY SCAM YOU. I believe they load up their tutorial page themselves with positive feed back, because everyone I have contacted said the same thing happened to them that happened to me..which was- They got my phones, took FOREVER to go over them (in their "user agreement" they say you will have a check within 30 days.) After about a month and a half they disqualified more than half the phones. I understand that they will find SOME things wrong that were not obvious, but I personally went over those phones to power up, test call, lcd check, camara check, buttons check, audio check, etc., besides that ALL phones were in EXCELLENT cosmetic order. The reasons they gave were insulting....invalid battery?????? All the phones had been fully charged and battery working when sent in. They claimed several of the phones had cracked cases. I read their requirements, which stated they would not accept cracked cases, and didn't send any that had the smallest hairline crack. Then, once they GET your phone, if they disqualify it YOU have to pay to get it back (at least 10.00 per phone)................This is such a scam, I figure they made about 1500 to 2000. off my phones. I should have gotten 1,724. instead I got 721.....and then it took 2 months to get the check. Like I said I would expect NORMAL fall-out on the phones, but this place is a total SCAM. I would like to know how to let people know NOT to send them their phones...........So if you have thought about sending in old cell phones, DON'T send to "PHONEISCASH"...Learn from my mistake, I have gone else where, they don't offer as much, but you actually get your money, the higher offer from Phoneiscash is just a lure to get you to send to them, then say goodbye to your phone and money!!!!
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15 Apr 09
I just turned in my old cell phones but not to get money for them. What I did I took it to a person who I know who turns in the phones and gets calling cards for the soldiers overseas so that they can call home to their families. I have checked out some of the sites that give money for the phones and it is not very much. So I would rather give it to someone who can turn it in and get the calling cards for our soldiers overseas.