Does it bother you when people double dip?

@Laurla98 (786)
United States
September 13, 2007 7:07pm CST
Or do you not really care? If its my own family it really doesn't bother me. If you're at a party or something, I think its better to put some dip on your plate and then you can dip however you want. What bothers me is when people are sick and just don't care that they are likely getting everyone else sick.
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@carlaabt (3506)
• United States
15 Sep 07
My husband double dips sometimes. I tell him to knock it off, but I will go ahead and eat the dip, because it's really not a big deal. My son is too little to eat dip except on his own plate (he's 19 months), so my husband is really the only one I have to worry about most of the time. If I was out somewhere, I probably wouldn't eat dip. Maybe I'm weird, but that is one of the things that I won't eat. Probably because most people put their hands in the chips/veggies or whatever else they are serving with dip. I don't want to eat something that a bunch of other people have already been touching. If it's my family (even my extended family), that's different, but otherwise, no thanks!
@AmbiePam (47421)
• United States
14 Sep 07
Well, if it happens, I hope it happens when I don't see it. I'd rather be ignorant than be disgusted every time that person went back. If it my mom or sister, I don't really care, although I know they don't double dip. I'd rather not eat after my dad has done it, because he tends to leave crumbs in the dip. But if I'm somewhere and somone does it, I won't eat any dip from where they got it. I hope I'd be comfortable enough wherever I was to get the person a place and a spoon, so they could double dip to their heart's content on their own plate. LOL