the KFC controversy

@megumiart (3781)
United States
September 13, 2007 7:24pm CST
I think it's total bull. I'm for animal rigts, but conviting one company like Peta does is a little too radical. What do you guys think of peta/kfc?
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• United States
2 Oct 07
I heard a TERRIBLE story from my sister about Kfc. They abuse the chickens, chase them around and have fun scarying them before they actually kill the chickens to make the food with them. Kfc is a bad company and PETA does need to keep an eye on them. But I do agree PETA can get a little crazy sometimes, even though their hearts are in the right place. But the PetsHotel I work for had to take a fish tank out of the cat's "kitty cottages" because PETA said it was cruel to the fish. I really don't think the fish care all that much. All the cats stay in their rooms, they can't get to the fish! lol.
@diansinta (7551)
• Indonesia
1 Nov 07
hahahahah thats funny! they argue for fishes inside a tank in a kitty's hotel!
@karixie (121)
• Philippines
21 Oct 07
I personally love animals but I love KFC,too. I try not to eat in that establishments but sometimes I can't help it. I think I still need to take a stand on this.
• United States
2 Oct 07
I don't really care for KFC. As for PETA I think their abusive and downright annoying tactics of blindly attacking any company they feel will help them get media attention by attacking is completely out of hand. PETA needs to be disbanded somehow.
@nonew3 (1941)
• United States
14 Sep 07
I think that a lot of the things that Peta does is a bit too extreme. Of course, I am more into behind-the-scenes activism, myself. I would never dress like a chicken to protest in front of a restaurant, for example, or pretend to be drinking milk straight from the udder of a big plastic cow.