Study Habits. help me....

@kebkeb (121)
September 13, 2007 9:28pm CST
Last term, i found it hard to be on track. I think that I didn't have a good performance last term. I almost failed 2 subjects because Im not really focused. Maybe my study habit were completely disorganized. Tell me, what can I do to be serious again in my studies???
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• Nigeria
2 Oct 07
One of the important aspect of studying is listening in the class before going out for our studying. but some of us when in the class we do a lot of hearing than listening becouse they are always absent minded in the class. some of the result of this absent minded are 1)Because of family problem, 2)they have fallen in love newly 3)They cast hatred on the teachers/lectures and lastly they do a lot of playing than studying. I believe that might be that possible coures of decline in studying. Can i hear from some one on my point?
@xinming (48)
• China
19 Sep 07
in my opinion ,first ,you should trust yourself ,you should think i can do it well , no problem can beat me, self-confidence is very important for you to study well ,and pls give yourself an encourage when you make a progress. second , maybe you'd better to study how to arrange your time between study and play, pls devote yourself to study when it is study time ,and also devote yourself to games when it is game time third, pls find fun in learning , in fact, learning is not so boring as you think , there are much fun in it, but it need u to take time to find them. Do hope you will make a big progress in your study!
@eprado (1473)
• Philippines
14 Sep 07
hello kebkeb, yes its always the same case for most students to get sidetrack on their studies. Studying can seem very boring compared to all the exciting temptations just outside your door, social life, the games on your computer, or just watching television can seem more interesting than the text your teacher is expecting you to master. Yes I think you need to focus, organized and learned to manage your time and schedules. Learn to motivate yourself internally too and always think positive. Tell yourself you're a good learner, you enjoy learning, you enjoy giving your brain a good work out, you love acquiring new knowledge, and let yourself feel a joy in learning. Be proud of yourself for the work you do to gain more knowledge. Also eat well/healthy foods, have enough time for rest and for your review/studies. For information to sink into your brain and be accessible to you, you need to review it several times, and your brain needs to sleep properly for the memories to be encoded in your brain. You need to reduce your mental stress. Your brain needs good nutrition and it needs to be in a peaceful, confident state. Goodluck and have a nice day.:-)