What factors do you consider when you are looking for a job?

September 14, 2007 3:05am CST
Recently I have quitted from my job because I think it is boring and has no growth potential. I think there are three important factors to consider when one is looking for a job: first, salary; second,career growth potential; third, working environment. What do you say?
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@Cognition (195)
• Norway
16 Sep 07
I am currently studying and will be looking for a job when I graduate in a year. I will basically be taking any job I can get when I've finished my studies as long as it either has relevance for what I've studied or has a decent salary. I've chosen the narrow path of the music industry because of my love for music. Because of the extreme competition and fall of music sales, I believe it will be hard to get a job. Hence, any job I can get in the music industry once I'm done, I will take. And if I can't get a job in the industry, I'll get any other job I can get, to support myself while trying to enter the music industry. Being that I've chosen this path, I know that I've sacrificed a lot just for the hope that I'll be able to work around music. In an ideal world the job would first of all make me feel like I was working with something I enjoyed and that the working environment was positive. Second comes salary, and third growth potential.
• China
16 Sep 07
I am a fresh college graduate myself and at first I also had the thought that wahtever job it is I would just take because I don't have so many options. But I find it really hard to stick to a job that I don't love. I wish you good luck in your job hunting!
• Norway
16 Sep 07
I think it becomes easier to get a job you'll be satisfied with once you've had some work experience, even if you don't enjoy the work experience. Thanks, and good luck to you too!
• Philippines
20 Sep 07
I consider several things when I look for a job. First is if my skills would fit in it, if the working environment is good, if the location is accessible, if the salary is rewarding, if I could learn more and grow, if it gives complete benefits to its employees and how would i be treated. I always want to be sure that we would be able to deserve each other because anyway, I believe that professions are relationships.