Sneaky ways to get you to spend more money in a store

United States
September 14, 2007 7:11am CST
Whenever I am in a store or online and see the phrase, "Buy one get one 50% off", a little switch goes off in my head and all common sense flies out the window. It's not as if I can't control myself, but suddenly I don't want to do so anymore. So, I end up buying things I wouldn't have otherwise. Those aren't the only sneaky retail tricks that get me to spend more money. Sometimes if an online retailer offers free shipping or free gift with purchase, I am more likely to purchase an item from their store. So, what type of sneaky shopping tricks have been used to get you to spend more money at stores? When you see a buy one get one free sign, do you automatically want to buy more?
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• Hong Kong
4 Oct 07
It happened to me when I was living an extravagant life *laughs*. At that time, whenever I saw the words like "buy two get 20% off" or "buy three get 40% off", I would definitely go nuts and end up buying things that I might not even need. Then afterwards, I learned my lesson. I would only buy one get one free when it's something I would call a necessity (like food or coffee or stuff like that), other than those, I would automatically shut down my system when I see the sign.
• United States
14 Sep 07
If you have a super Wal-Mart in your area, then you surely see the overnight people switching things around on a regular basis. I think they calculate certain items and how they sell, and then take an item that doesnt sell so well and place it near items that are in more demand and sell better. Also they make sure that things are not in the place they were when you bought them last. That way you have to trek around the store to look for the item. On your way you come across many other items that perhaps will grab your attention and then end up buying them. I think Wal-Mart re-arranges their stores on a regular basis so you CANT find something so easy and in return find other things you may not have come across to begin with. Bay xx
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
14 Sep 07
they also do this by putting sale items on the end, quick snack ideas at the cash register, having a few odds and ends on sale in a flyer so that you will run in buy everything you need there...