To sell methods in order to earn moneies

September 14, 2007 6:44pm CST
Often in Internet, but also in television, many are looked at offered to payment of “sure” methods in order to earn moneies (a lot of moneies). Who offers these methods sometimes asks a small contribution sometimes asks figures high. Case to part is those that give the method and in exchange they ask a free single donation if the method works and who applies it earns truly. I am skeptical, as task the greater part of you, and task that these methods make to only earn who sell them. Sometimes the vendors disguise themselves and they are dealt anceh for benefactors but we are always them: to earn there are only they. Otherwise I do not explain myself because, if these getlteman know a method in order to earn a lot, have need to occupy their time to publish these methods when instead they could invest this time to make to work the method and to become rich with it? If instead, as some say, they make it in order to be benefactors then because sell the method and they do not give it? It would be beautiful to have the testimony of that it has bought these famous methods and to feel if they work (I truly I do not believe to us), but it would be beautiful to true also the testimony of someone of these “benefactors”.
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@AndriaToh (1268)
• Malaysia
15 Sep 07
I think that everyone is trying to find the method that works. Preferably, it will be a method that is easy and automatic. But if such a method exists than the person promoting it would be a multi-millioaire and I guess we would have heard about it by now.