The world wrestling entertainment is great I love it, what do you say??

World Wrestling Entertainment - The Symbol! Isn't that looking good .
@kirith (27)
September 14, 2007 10:18pm CST
I love the wwe and I am a great fan of john cena and tripleh,shawn micheals and the undertaker .They are one of the best ever guys running the tournament .Which WWE stars do you like? What about the payper-views .Do you like them? How do you think they are? Do you think that the WWE have to make any changes in their style of working out things? and guys the best part that I love is the entrance theme of any of the WWE superstars, and the fire works carried out for them,its amazing! What do you think about that? I urge all the WWE fans to partivipate in this discussion and give their opinions.
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