children and lighters

@pudgles (414)
United States
September 14, 2007 10:19pm CST
As parents, we don't want our children playing with lighters. As the law, they can't until they are 18. My question is, if we are trying to protect our children from the interest in lighters, then why do they keep coming out with new designs,etc, to attract the attention of the little ones? At my work, they have pumpkin lighters that every child that comes up to my line thinks its a cool keychain and ask their parents if they can have one, I explain to the parent its a lighter and have to show it for some of them to believe me. The eyes light up and it makes a noise, which makes it even more attracting to the younger minds. I think they should stop making lighters attractive and just stick to the same old make like when we were younger. Any suggestions?
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@beckish (617)
• United States
15 Sep 07
I agree that children should not play with lighters, but I have never heard that it is illegal for a person under 18 to use a lighter. My teenagers use lighters to light candles, for example. What is the difference between using a lighter and using a match? What a bizarre world we live in.
@pudgles (414)
• United States
16 Sep 07
I agree. I work in a store and we can't even sell, never mind let a minor even touch the lighters. I guess is ok if they are in your home under your supervision, but the law is 18 here.