Do you give alms to the beggar?

September 15, 2007 12:48am CST
me i dont give anything even cents,....actually i feels pity to them because they're eating nothing, and they dont have any amount for thier necessities,but what i believe is if we will hand them an alms they will keep on asking for some alms.And we are teaching them to become lazy.....So you out there instead of giving alsm to them why dont you try to give them the means of earning...give them the idea on how to ean...thats it....
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@daring (235)
• India
15 Sep 07
yes i do give but i cannot give to them all becaouse if I give to each and everyone then my money would not be enough because there are many beggars in my place.
• Philippines
15 Sep 07
Its appropriate to give something to the beggar since they are less fortunate so our duty as a blessed citizen is to give something like food shelter if possible. This kind of people are wretched more than they have expected , they did not taste or experience how beautiful life is, What they experience daily is the scourching heat of the sun. a starving stomach that needs to be refilled with food. a shelter where they can lay their head during rest time. and a clothed to wear that they wont get spoiled. I would strongly suggest that we should have to help this people. I have watch a night ago in discovery channel a story about a 12 years old boy who made a difference and touch the lives of many african people you know what he did to those less fortunate He help them by means of education. and giving them the food to eat And guess what he receive in return, he received a noble price award even at his young age. It Only take a one single tiny step to start a different and that is start within yourself GIVE FOR THOSE who are in need...
@meholl (510)
• United States
15 Sep 07
I believe in giving to those in need, but as any wise person know, if you give them cash, it may just buy booze. Have you ever noticed that when you are going to the grocery store, the beggars seem to be right at the entrance. I have found that alot when I go shopping. So what I have started doing is buying bottled water, and a bag of chips and some sandwhich makings. And if the dollar is stretching a little further, I get a treat. I bag this seperate from the rest of my groceries and on my way out of the store, I give it to the beggar. I have gotten a lot of positive responses by doing this, as well as a few that were more interested in money. I wouldn't trust a stranger enough to give them a chance to earn money, but then I don't have anything that they could do to earn money. But I would do what I could to help someone out, even if it was to dig through my closet and give something that I don't use anymore away.