Conspiracy Theory about 9\11 !!! ???

@shay3434 (882)
September 15, 2007 11:24am CST
Hi guys, as you know 6 years passed since the horrible terror attacks in the US on 9\11. Yesterday, I saw this movie "Loose Change" that claims the September 11 attacks were planned by The United States Government, and not by Islamic terrorists. I'm sure you Americans know more about this movie because it's the first time I saw it and I was really amazed to hear about all this claims against the US Government. After I saw this movie, I looked for more information on the net and I saw many conspiracy theories about this day, which seems very very weird in my opinion. So I just want to ask you if you believe in any of this theories, and if you do why? Thanks, Shay.
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@Destiny007 (5820)
• United States
15 Sep 07
No I don't believe ANY of these theories. I find it very interesting that so many people are trying to shift the blame from the one's who actually did the attacks to the US government...and this in spite of the fact that these groups are taking credit for the attacks on every anniversary since then, and every chance they get besides. This is common knowledge, and I have to seriously question the intelligence and common sense of anyone who would support these conspiracy theories.
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@shay3434 (882)
• Israel
15 Sep 07
Thanks a lot for responding. I totally agree with you. I can't believe people can think US government will do such thing to their people. I also heard about conspiracy theories that blame Israel and the Jewish people on the attacks, that I can't understand how do people actually believe this.
• United States
1 Mar 08
Sadly, i absolutely believe that the government is at the root of 9/11 and all of its problems. There is so much evidence on the web..for instance the towers fell just as fast as a penny would fall if you drop it off the top, and they fell down completely straight..i mean i know that it sounds crazy but seriously wouldn't they have fell down slanted and taken a little longer. How about the patriot act following 9/11.. And the MONDAY before 9/11 the pentagon gives news that they have misplaces an insane amount of money...but let me tell you people...why the HECK would they have broadcasted that on a MONDAY, usually bad news is broadcasted at the end of the but the time the weekend is over its practically forgotten..this leads me to believe that someone knew!
• India
5 Oct 07
No I don't believe in any of these conspiracy theories, they are all propagated by the people responsible for the attacks
@MrNiceGuy (4147)
• United States
21 Sep 07
Try watching the movie at the same time while reading this (it has time stamps):
@4ftfingers (1314)
17 Sep 07
The conspiracy theories are very interesting. But at the same time I think they're all bullsh1t. I'll just take the official story until a scientist or someone with enough credit will tell us otherwise and that becomes the new official truth. There are always hundreds of theories about everything for different reasons. Some people use it to make money like Michael Moore has, or to get a political reaction like how many liberals would love to see the blame pinned onto the Bush Administration. But my common sense tells me that it is what it is in this case.
@xfahctor (14131)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
17 Sep 07 this movie is called Screw loose change (second edition) and it debunks that movie. Also, This is called Screw 9/11 mysteries. it does a great job debunking the movie 9/11 mysteries, it points out a lot of obvious and glaring holes in the movie with text overlays over th original movie. I would advise anyone who has seen either of the conspiricy movies to watch these 2 and balance your views, get the rest of the story and the blatent mistakes made in each one of the 2.