Police Corruption

September 15, 2007 2:30pm CST
From time to time we hear all kinds of tales of corrupt cops, these have also made the subject matter of many a blockbuster flick as well. Where I work its something I have to deal with everyday. The most recent incidence was brought to my attention this past week. A young man was picked off the streets, placed into an unmarked vehicle with some renegade cops. Upset that that particular section of the community had been given a model polcing facility and that the community polcing approach was being implemented there. They stopped at a section of the community that was known to be in a gang fued with another section and outside the unmarked vehicle fired several rounds into that section of the community. This was a ploy ot get the men from that area to think that they were being fired upon by the opposit side, since they would only see an unmarked vehicle. This also endangered severly the life of this young man who had been picked up. How do we law abiding citizens deal with corrup cops?
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15 Sep 07
Hi there Ghettopriest My name is Denise and I think you must live in Jamaica. Am I correct? I live in London and just last night on TV they showed a documentary about the garrison and how bad it is out there where cops are concerned. Over here in England the cops very rarely go so far as to kill people (although it has been known but covered up) but they still get away with murder! My partner has been arrested and sent to prison twice for crims he has not commit and another time he didn't go to prison but he could have got up to ten years for someting else he didn't do. I don't know what can be done about it, but we all need to work together to try and find out what we can do to change these ways. After all we, the people, are the majority - it's about time we put our heads together and put things into action. I'd like to say someting on a different subject (if you don't mind) but what are your feelings on this apology for slavery? Personally I think it's a waste of time what is an apology gonna do? I think they should pay compensation not to individuals tbut to countries that are still affected because of it. (Which is all of them really) By the way I have to tell you that I am a white woman but I do originate from the same line Bless Denise
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16 Sep 07
There is not a lot the average citizen can do when it comes to fighting police corruption, ghettopriest, but we must all remain vigilant and report abuse whenever we see it happen. There is an old saying: You can't fight city hall. It is hard to do, but not impossible as it once was. Thanks to the many people who are armed with video recorders these days, proof can be easily obtained.