Bush brings US economy right in front of recession!!!

@vhmehta (621)
United States
September 15, 2007 10:20pm CST
Former FED chairmen critizes Bush and his extravagant spending and lack of fiscal discipline. Long term Economic consequences were neglected. Bush started a war with Iraq without even going after the backbone of 9/11 attacks "Bin laden". He is still alive and mocking US.... Bush has already spent a fortune to wage a war... He has still not been able to do anything to stop terrorism... With increasing war with different countries Bush is only breeding enemies of US. I hope the new President will focus more on the mastermind of 9/11 then oil. What do you think of Bush as President and how has he impacted US economy?
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@Goldmoney (313)
• Slovenia
19 Sep 07
I strongly encourage you to watch documentary about Iraq. I saw it last year and hear that it is censored in USA, but USA citizen made it. Documentary talks about war in Iraq and how much money big firms make there, with contracts signed with your government. Firm called BlackWater is mentioned at least 150 times in it and if you watch the news you know who they are (this documentary already mentioned them in 2005). When you watch it you will understand that oil is the main thing for war in Iraq, but big firm profits don't lag. I don't remember the title of documentary (it is very long), but I can tell you that is made like Michael Moore documentary's. Of course all this had to lead America in front of recession doors!!!