Anti Anti-Smokers normal (legal) smoking

September 16, 2007 10:34am CST
Well I hope anti smokers are happy in Australia, soon their income tax will be double what it is now!! fuel prices will go up!! Alcohol prices will go up if enough cigerette smokers give up smoking, smokers pay the highest taxes of any1 else other than drinking smokers, they pay income taxes, they pay taxes through their fuel for their car, if enough smokers give up the government will lose billions in revenues and pressure will be exerted on income tax, fuel levies and alcohol. Im not sayin any1 under 18 should take it up though, nor am I saing it isnt bad for your health (cos it is)..But its legal, and now not being able to smoke practically anywhere in public and trying to push non smoking into the privacy of our own houses and cars is getting way to damn much, its an infringement on our legal right.....
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@imrioho (34)
• China
17 Sep 07
I do not like the smell of smoking, either drinking. But that is personal interest, if they does not affect others, they can have their smoke or drink freedom. ^^
• China
16 Sep 07
your smoking may affect someone others ,may take fire to thrir health ,do you take it into your account?