Women likes to kiss than men

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September 17, 2007 7:23am CST
I was listening to the radio last saturday while we are travelling going to northern part of the country. The DJ says that based on a study which I forgot by whom and where (that's very bad of me), women kisses more than men. According to that certain study that women are more likely to deciding if they will stick to their "date" if they are a good kisser and that women choses who to kiss. Unlike men who can kiss anyone and can make love without kissing. Now I'm wondering how realistic is this study. Share you thoughts...
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@ssh123 (31104)
• India
8 Oct 07
One cannot come to a conlusion or generalise like that. There could be a few who dislikes kissing for various reasons, including health (transmission of bacterias). By and large, kissing is the most elementary level of love making and vital too. It is like a key to open the pandor's box and it makes a god beginning!! I am sure both men and women like to kiss each other as a symbol of their expression of love.
• Philippines
20 Sep 07
Hi there, what's been up to lately buddy? Well, my girl loves to kiss me actually, like kissing passionately everyday and give me torid kisses everyday! My girl is a good kisser so i think the study is true and have a basis. But then, i also i love doing kissing and i love kissing my girl and according to my girl and to my previous girls, i am a good kisser so i think, there's also a lot of guys who loves kissing and there's a lot of guys who doesn't. Same thing with the girls, i had some girls before who preferred other things than kissing like, they like hugging than kissing. Have a nice day ahead and happy posting and earning here in mylot. Godspeed, Kiko
@sarah22 (3981)
• United States
17 Sep 07
well, i love a good kisser and if hes not that good after the first date, i might just be friends. to me a kiss lets you see how much the person cares for you or wants you. i love to kiss while in a passionet embrase
@icon_001 (586)
• India
17 Sep 07
Well even I have heard this sometimes .And I feel that to a certain extent it is so .Women are more choosy about kissing than Men .