Do you think custom psp firmware is a good idea?

United States
September 17, 2007 8:22am CST
I do because I can change the entire XMB! Firmeware history 1.50-1.51-1.52-2.00-2.01-2.50-2.60-2.70-2.71-2.80-2.81-3.03-3.10-3.30-3.40-3.50-3.51-3.52-3.70-3.71-3.40 oe-3.40 wildcard-3.52 m33-4 I have had a ton of firmwares on my psp!
3 responses
• Philippines
8 May 08
Custom Firmware extends the potential of your precious psp.. I am also on custom firmware and i'm enjoying its benefits
• Poland
23 Jan 08
cfw is a good idea becouse i can play games from my ms. I have 3.52 m33-4
6 Oct 07
custom firmware is the best to use as you can play copied games. i use the 3.40 oe-a which works perfectly