September 17, 2007 2:27pm CST
anybody know the political mindset of rammstein group. i ask this because i have seen the song amerika. they criticize americans very much in it. why they do so? is there anything for them against america? or are they neo natzis? hitler lovers?
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@koperty3 (1877)
25 Jul 11
They created this song because world and other countries lost individuality thank to America. That is why there is so many symbols in this song. They didn't mean hate or something just this was their saying about how America forced products and culture to other countries.
• South Africa
14 Mar 11
Hello ....Rammstein are anti-fascism , including American fascism ......they sing about how trivial Americans view life , how their lives are so shallow , thats all... they do it in a humorous way
• United States
21 May 08
This song is kind of funny if you understand german and what they mean by it all. They basicly are saying there is so much stuff going on and all we care about is disney land coca cola ect they are right.. Americans are like that.. most of their songs have a double meaning and they are very contriversial but all in fun.
• Turkey
30 Dec 07
They don't have anything against Americans. They're against politics of Government of USA and capitalism. And ofcourse they are not neo nazis. You mustn't be a neo nazi to criticize USA, there are so much to criticize!
@PunkyMcPunk (1477)
• Canada
17 Sep 07
I like Rammstein. I have heard Amerika and yes it is pretty bloody negative towards Americans.... I don't agree with that. But I also don't think that they are Neo Nazis.