Do you think of color when you prepare a dish/meal?

September 18, 2007 12:23am CST
Whenever we want to impress someone, we cook and invite them for a lunch. Also, as someone has said, "Love also passes through the stomach, so its also a way to conquer the heart":D When we get home after a long day, the smell from the kitchen or the sights of the dishes can awaken our senses.:) This is the very reason why colors are so important for the food we cook. At first, it doesnt really matter if the food is delicious. Point is that first you see it, then you taste it.:) But if you are not impressed by the looks of the dish, you prefer not to eat much. So here is one receipe for a succesful meal: A well decorated table with nice napkins, candles and flowers. You catch the attention of all the persons present there and make them realx. This makes the food feel tastier. :) So to sum up, is you are not very sure of how good the food is, make sure that you present it well, whether it be arranging on the plate or colors. Do you follow the same tactics? Do you think of the color while preparing food?
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@laurika (4536)
• United States
18 Sep 07
I like to present my food not only when somebody is comeing but even for my fiancee too.It is like with decorating and I can use my fantazy.I like to have a different color on my plate, it looks so nice.Also I liek to use colored napkins or plates, because different meal need different kind of plate, when you want to look it nice.I love lit the candles just before the eating while it make whole atmosphere more romantic and it make me relax.The flowers can be nice on the table, but it can took a original smell of the food, so I prefer to keep them away from the table.I agree with you.The food shouldn't only look good , but also taste good.