Football or soccer?

@ameyrp (252)
September 18, 2007 2:08am CST
There's a few confusions on the term for football/soccer. I know that Americans called it soccer because they have American Football, while the the rest of the world refer to the game as Football. Don't you think it's good for everybody if we settle a global term to it?
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@jHoEn16 (2043)
• Australia
18 Sep 07
i have seen football game on tv but i like soccer more... since football are so brutal..
• China
20 Sep 07
So do I. I think football or soccer is only a sign,the important thing is you can mean it and the people around you can understand you~
• Canada
24 Sep 07
I think its fine the way it is. No need for a global term, its not that big of a deal in my opinion.
@Bardock (105)
• Norway
19 Sep 07
well, yeah. but unfortunately that is something that will be nearly impossible. It's like some people insists on using lbs as a way of measuring weight. While the "correct/international" way is to say kg. There are so many things that just won't change. (PS. in my language we say fotball, written with one "o")
@xirthum (78)
• Brazil
19 Sep 07
I think that the "Football" term would have been used in all the world, did you know if the term "Soccer" is used only in U.S.A?