Who can give some SEO tips?

September 18, 2007 8:38am CST
I want to try myself on this and lately I'm very interested in SEO. Does anyone SEO here?
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• India
28 Sep 07
I reproduce a topic which i have saved for my reference..and this i had found elsewhere in a GPT site. and the topic starts like this.. Is search engine optimization really difficult? Afterall, small fortunes are being made selling ebooks about it, it must be difficult right? Wrong. You don't need to be an algorithm mathmatician. You don't need to study hours on end to optimize your website for the search engines. Some good common sense and a few tips will do : - Always place meta tags - Keep keywords in tags to about 20 - Make your page title like a brief sentence - Make your description in the tags about 2 to 3 brief sentences. - Make your intro paragraph on your page, a summary of your entire page. - Place link in your intro paragraph - Make your intro paragraph rather long - Continue thru-out your page relating text to your intro paragraph - Your last paragraph should include the hot keywords that are in your first paragraph - Casually and logically with interest toss in a hot keyword from your first and last paragraphs, and place within a paragraph or two in the body of the page - Place one or more links in your last paragraph - Place links you want picked up by the engines, in the first utmost left corner of your site - Make bold words and bold statements here and there in your page. - Highlite some keywords and keyword phrases thru out the page - Remember this rule ---- LOADS MORE TEXT - LESS LESS IMAGES - Place alternate tags - Do your best to make links, alt tags, and the name all similar or close to the same
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2 Oct 07
Thanks a lot!
@chaptermm (734)
• Malta
2 Oct 07
should study more about seo
@SEOGUY (906)
• United States
22 Sep 07
If you try this, and do what it tells you to do, you will become an SEO Wizard. You can try the free version http://www.Axandra.com/go.to/allaboutwebtools