Kellie Pickler on Grande Ole Opry

@ardnas69 (174)
United States
September 18, 2007 9:44am CST
Did anyone happen to see Kellie Pickler's performances on the Opry last week? I missed the show when it aired, but I saw it later in the week. She sang the song she wrote for her mom called "I Wonder" and I will admit, I cried. I have heard this song many times times before and have seen the video for it, but she started crying while singing on stage and my heart felt for her. I started crying too. Kellie my be country and have a real southern accent (as do I), but most of her songs are from the heart, story telling songs about her life, and that is what makes her a true star. She can connect with real people and touch their hearts through her music. I think she will be around for awhile and that she will only get better as she grows.
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