Keep Track of Visitors to Your Blog

@ardnas69 (174)
United States
September 18, 2007 10:11am CST
I just wanted to share a great site with everyone. If you have a blog on Blogger or some other blogsite, you will love this! I am not referring or getting paid for referrals, this isn't one of those site. It simply lets you add your blog and you paste a code into the html of your page. It then tracks visitors and you can see where each visitor came from. This is a free service, but they do have a paid service also that gives you more options. i think with paid, which only $3 a month, you can view real time stats and with free, you can only view the stats for a day on the next day. I love this site, it is cool and helps me see where my visitors are coming from and if my site promotions are working. The is and hope you enjoy.
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