i do not have a life

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September 18, 2007 2:08pm CST
i do not have a life i got to do for other ppl befor i do for myself i got to find something to do
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18 Sep 07
Doing for other people is not always a negative. I think we have our best learning and growth experiences when we work with or do things for others. I do not mean, however, that we are someone else's slave, but having the desire to help others makes our lives richer - and we actually ARE "doing for ourself" by doing it. Most of the time when people say they are doing for others and not themselves, they are doing things for others in a joyless way. They are only thinking about why they are not doing something else the whole time they are doing it. Or, they are saying that because the things they do for themselves, putting their life in order, taking care of their health are boring and repetitive. People think the "time to care for oneself" means they will get a huge bubblebath in a heart shaped tub and no one will ever bother them. That's a vacation not "doing for oneself",
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19 Sep 07
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