IS it OK?

September 18, 2007 4:01pm CST
I have had a problem for years with my husband hiding XXX magazines from. I have tried to get into it with him and that doesn't seem to be the way he enjoys his mags. He lies to me about them and I don't haggle about him maybe having some cause then he will feel like if he is gonna be accused of it he may as well do it. It wouldn't be ok for ME to do it so is it ok for him?
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18 Sep 07
I hope you get the answer your looking for on here I already told you what i thought just trying to get more posts lol. Yall need to find a middle ground on this though its also not healthy in yalls relationship if this is always hanging between yall. You love him he loves you Yall will work through it one way or another I have hope for yall I dont want to see anything bad happen to yall and I love yall and chat with ya later