favorite romantic movies...

October 27, 2006 10:03am CST
What is your favorite Romantic movie of all time? Which one could you watch over, and over, and over again and never get bored with it?
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24 Feb 07
"Somewhere in Time" (1980)- Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour. A young man named Richard (Reeves) got approached by an old lady after his play. The old lady gave him an antique watch and told the young man to come back to her, confusing Richard. After 8 years, Richard needed some rest and relaxation from his work and he decided to go on a little vacation to McKinney Island. At the hotel, he was browsing through a little room with some historical things where he saw an old picture of a young beautiful lady. Richard got obsessed with the picture and found out that her name was Elise. He then searched researched Elise in the library and low and behold, Elise was the old lady that approached him 8 years earlier. Richard also found out through an old hotel reservation book that he had registered his name in July 1912. So he did some hyponotic exercises to travel back in time and the rest you will have to watch :-)
@becinkc (24)
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27 Oct 06
i love Cold Mountain. and i did watch it over and over when i was on maternity leave last summer.