Very rude and vulgar response to my ad on Craigs List from some guy....

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September 18, 2007 8:43pm CST
I posted an ad under etcetera/part time for Hits 4 Pay - not with my link my just a general.."not a job position nor ploy to earn your own business but an honest way to earn some extra money from home" and this guy contacted me via email and wrote that I was spamming and legit jobs don't post on Craigs list. I wrote back saying that this was not a job but a way to make some extra money and if he was not interested in finding out more info - he should not send me an email because now he is spamming me. He wrote back saying that once I posted on a public forum I am allowed to be contacted by anyone and everyone and that it is against the law what I am doing and is spam and F' off and called me rude and vulgar names and said all this nasty stuff about my ad. Albeit maybe you're not allowed to post an ad like this on Craigs List but this guy took it a little too far. If he wanted to report me as spam and flag me with Craigs List (which he did because my ad got flagged and he told me he did it) that's one thing but to actually keep sending me nasty emails...Get a life!! I was thinking about responding and saying maybe he should find a job instead of searching Craigs list for spam. Then I thought maybe I should just let it go. He also said no work at home jobs are legal to post on Craigs List and that's wrong too because I've seen many work at home jobs such as real estate, law firms looking for someone to type from home, etc....Should I respond or let it go? I reported his emails to me as spam to aol because he has no right to keep contacting me and harassing you think?
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6 Dec 07
DON'T email him again. This guy obviously has a problem, whether it's anger issues or whatever. The internet is a dangerous place to meet people, and you don't want someone like this mad at you. So don't email him again. It's good that you reported the emails. It is harrassment and he should get in trouble for it. But end it there, and if he keeps sending you emails, keep reporting him, but don't get into a fight with this guy.
6 Dec 07
you should let it go, obviously hes some jerk that doesn't know much.. let him wallow in his ignorance. You may recieve emails like that oh well its not that big of a deal
@eden32 (3976)
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9 Oct 07
Now that you've reported it to AOL, I'd let it drop. This guy is going to keep bothering you if you respond to him. Hopefully if you ignore him, he'll lose interest & go away.