Have you had an encounter with a wild animal?

@nikkiwith (1074)
September 19, 2007 2:01am CST
Just curious if anybody has ever had a run in with a wild animal?
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@chym1101 (169)
• China
19 Sep 07
Hello,nikkiwith! Is snake a wild animal in your opinion? I am afraid of snake, and I think it is terrible. When I was a little child, maybe I was 7 or 8 years old, once I went to my grandma's house myself. I walked along a narrow path with grass covered its each side ,and suddenly I saw a strange line across the path in front of me. Then I realize it is a snake whose head is in one group of grass and tail in another. I was so afraid and I was not able to make my decision whether I should stride it or choose another way. After several minutes, the snake is still on its former position, and I choose another way. I was defeated by the snake with no words or actions!
@eprado (1473)
• Philippines
19 Sep 07
Hello nikkiwith, I had an encounter with a wild animal before. The first one is with my cousin when we went hiking on the side of a mountain near our place in the province. It was a big monitor lizard or we call it here "Bayawak" locally. They say it can ripped your skin off when it bite you or attaches itself with its claws on your skin. I moved and stayed far away from it while my cousin whose use to it tried to approach and catch it. In the province where there is usually lots of open rice field there's often a chance that you'll run into a snake in the middle of the road. We just leave it alone and let it pass by. :-)