TOP 10 Worst Junk Foods

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September 19, 2007 5:10am CST
Every behaviour carries with it's own consequences. It's no different with nutrition. Reality or fantasy. Take your pick. Choose wisely. This is an article by Gunn Sikk. I'm here to tell you about reality and fantasy. Reality is not all foods are created equal, in fact, a lot of them are junk. The fantasy is, if you think by eating a lot of junk foods you're going to remain healthy, you're mistaken. That's why I've created the Top 10 list of worst junk foods people commonly eat. 10. FRUIT DRINKS Not to be confused with fruit juices, fruit drinks are 10% or less real fruit sugar. They're loaded with artificial colouring and sucrose. Definitely teeth rotters. 9. WHITE BREAD Yes, this is a junk food. Everytime you're looking at a slice of white bread you are seeing a slice of sugar, it acts in the body the same way. 8. DOUGHNUT It's white bread dipped and deep-fried and sugar. What can be worse? No wonder there's a big hole in the middle, it's a nutritional zero. 7. DECAFFEINATED COFFEE An excellent way to remove the caffeine and add chemical solvent residue right into your favourite beverage. 6. POP Let's see now, how do you spell incresed bone breakage? P-O-P. 5. DIET POP You get all the dandy benefits of pop, plus artificial sweetener, which has been shown in studies to actually increase your sugar cravings and alter your brain chemistry. 4. SUGARY BREAKFAST CEREALS Now here's a guarantee, If you want to start your day in a low lifeforce mode, then this is a junk breakfast for you. 3. DEEP-DISH PIZZA This is an excellent way to stack, jack and pack your G.I. track with one big dollop of sodium, dough and fat, an overnight weight-gain wonder. 2. ICE CREAM Here's a beauty, high in sugar and high in fat, for another whack attack on your pancreas and your arteries. And the number one worst junk food hands down is... 1. FRENCH FRIES AND POTATO CHIPS Here's why: Yes, it's unparalleled sodium-loading enzyme-dead food. But new information now shows that's it's high in acrylimide, a known cancer-causing agent. In fact, the amount of acrylimide in a serving of fast-food french fries is 300 times above the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's limit set for one glass of water.
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