what is ur opinion

September 19, 2007 7:09am CST
in our country people say that if you are not a mother your life is ncompleta as a woman,so what are your opinion about it is pregnency is essential for life or not?
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@lecanis (16664)
• Murfreesboro, Tennessee
19 Sep 07
I think it completely disrespects women to say that their lives cannot be complete without being a mother. There are many other ways in which women can live fulfilling lives. In fact, I know many women who have lived full, happy lives without ever becoming mothers. The idea that all women can do is have children is so frustrating. There are so many other things to live than just that. I'm not saying that having children isn't awesome (I have one myself) but I don't think that the same lifestyle is for everyone. There are some women who have done a lot of good in the world devoting themselves to things other than childbirth and child-rearing. The first woman that comes to mind for me here is Florence Nightingale, the great pioneer in the field of nursing. What if she had decided to stay home and have kids instead?
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@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
19 Sep 07
No I don't agree with that, in my opinion I see a lot of women who have children that I think should never have had them, not every woman is born to be a mother, to be complete is to happy in life, happiness is different to different people.
@Perry2007 (2229)
• Philippines
19 Sep 07
Life is beautiful and procreation of human requires pregnancy of a woman. However it should not make life incomplete specially for a woman not to have experience the natural childbirth. A woman can always be a mother to someone.
• China
19 Sep 07
it is diffierent of the custom from one to anther ,maybe in your country you must be a mother ,you can not break the rule and only fllow the custom if you want to stay in your country
@beaniegdi (1966)
19 Sep 07
I don't think so at all. I have 2 children and was lucky as I wanted to have children and could. Some women never feel the desire to have children and it would not be right for them to have any as it would not be fair on them or the children. Also some women can't have children and yet go on to hve fulfilled lives without them. Definitely societies opinion plays a part as where I come from in England it is not thought that a woman has to have children, it is her choice. However in a country where it is thought that a woman needs to have children to be complete it will be harder for her to make her own choices as she will feel judged by others in her society.
@jillbeth (2711)
• United States
19 Sep 07
Well, pregnancy is essential for life! If women didn't get pregnant, life as we know it would eventually cease! But I don't think every woman needs to be a mother to feel fulfilled, and not every woman is suited to motherhood. It is a calling. And not every woman is able to conceive, so why should she be made to feel that she is less of a woman? Not having children gives a woman time to make other great accomplishments than can change the world for the better.