Do you think Guns should be legal to carry?

United States
September 19, 2007 11:25am CST
I personally think it is best for everyone to carry a gun. If you had a gun and someone tryed to rob you, rape you, or whatever that would lessen the chance of them sucedding. I was told by a cop (I live in Texas and the gun laws have here recently became less strict, about a week ago) he said that even though it has been a short time since the law has past the crime rate has already gone down. He also said most cops want you to have a gun so you can help them if they needed it. I also think that the gangs should have guns b/c they would shoot each other and rid us of them (lol I know some wont agree with this one but if they want to shoot each other let them.) All in all I think this would make it a better place. What do you think?
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@Destiny007 (5820)
• United States
19 Sep 07
The Constitution already affords you the right to carry. That's what keep and bear (carry) is all about. Those who don't like that part of the 2nd Amendment are more than welcome to relocate to one of those so-called "enlightened" countries that don't have these rights. We hear a lot of talk about assault weapons and how they should be banned...assault weapons are already banned unless you have a very expensive permit for them...what a lot of people are calling assault weapons are merely semiautomatic weapons which are perfectly legal. Either they don't know what an assault weapon really is, or they are doing this deliberately...much like the BS over the Saturday night special or the cop-killer bullets a few years ago...Terminology that have no real meaning whatsoever. Finally, people seem to forget that the 2nd Amendment was NOT about hunting.
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19 Sep 07
So true.