Smoking in Army Uniform

United States
September 19, 2007 12:08pm CST
I have a question to all you mylot users. If the Army is so strict that a soldier cannot smile in his uniform for a picture, why is it that he can smoke a cigarette in his uniform in front of impressionable children?! My nephew, home for a visit from the army, wore his uniform to the fair and lit up a cigarette. I was astounded. I asked him about it and he did not understand what I was asking. When I tried to explain that children "look up to" a person in a uniform like that, and seeing them with a cigarette makes them think it's good to smoke, his friend piped up with, "So, people who smoke should be looked down on?!" That was not what I was trying to say at all. They banned cigarette ads that make smoking look good to kids, like Joe Camel and such, I am just surprised that any armed services would allow their soliders, in the uniforms, to smoke where there are children present. I can understand if it is allowed on base, where there are no children, but a fair? in public? in their uniform? I can even see it at a fair if he was not in his uniform. Am I making myself clearly understood here? I hope so. What do you think?
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@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
5 Nov 07
Well I suppose all those soldiers that survived World War II and dying of lunch cancer did not have any effect on them. I do believe a soldier should not smile, because he is supposed to be serious and he might die soon, so he has to reflect on the morality of his life and how many of his comrades he is going to save by jumping on that grenade, or whatever. I do not like the idea of him being allowed to smoke. After all, hasn't the damage done to the lungs of countless military men made any impact? I guess not.
• United States
30 Sep 07
Just wanted to say Hi! I have been really sick = Long story, but hope all is well with you. Annette
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