Movie Recommendation

September 19, 2007 3:06pm CST
Watched any good Hollywood movies recently? Please share and recommend.
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• United States
20 Sep 07
Over the summer, I saw The Simpsons movie.That was the last new first run film I saw. But I have seen some classic films at home. What genre do you like? Drama? Musicals? Action?If you can give me your answer, I can write you back and give you some good recommendations.
• Singapore
20 Sep 07
I have not watch The Simpsons movie. My favourite genre is war movies followed by action packed explosive movies. Next is comedy. Recently I watched Shooter, it was a good movie.
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• United States
21 Sep 07
all the war movies that come to mind you probably already seen like Glory, Platoon, A Bridge Too Far,The Dirty Dozen.And as for action, I loved Mission Impossible 3.These are the films that come to mind.
@jojobouy (78)
• Philippines
21 Sep 07
These are my movie recommendations in no particular order: 1. LOTR - action/adventure/fantasy 2. Derailed - twist/story 3. Just Like Heaven - extra ordinary romantic comedy, don't miss this one 4. While you were sleeping 5. Goal - very inspiring 6. Goal 2 Living the Dream, watch out for Goal 3 7. The Shawshank redemption 8. Count of monte cristo - this one is mentioned in one of the scenes in number 7 of my list 9. National Treasure - great movie 10. 300 - gore 11. Kill bill vol. 1 and 2 - gore 12. Saw III - there's lesson in this movie, im not sure of the rest. 13. Phantom of the Opera - great great musical movie 14. The terminal 15. Phonebooth 16. Braveheart 17. Forrest Gump 18. Serendipity - great romantic movie 19. Garfield - very funny and cute, love cats 20. I'll add more.
• Philippines
26 Sep 07
20. The Butterfly Effect - Forgot this in my first list. Great Great Great movie. 21. Cinderalla Man - Great Great great movie!! don't miss this one! very inspiring!
@Shaun72 (15968)
• Palatka, Florida
17 Oct 07
I have just seen a few recently. I saw Creepshow 3 a few days ago. It was pretty good actully. I am a big horror movie watcher.
• Pakistan
21 Sep 07
Hi...I would recommend you some of the movies to watch..and the best thing about them is that a person of any taste whether action,humour,thrill or romance enjoys these movies equally... Do watch them... 1. Life is Beautiful. 2. A beautiful mind. 3. The ShawShank Redemption. 4. Forrest Gump. 5. The Pianist. 6. Ratatoulle. 7. Prison Break. 8. The Prestige/The Illusionist. Well...I can't remember others...when I do, I shall post more. Take care.