Is your money enough?

@mari123 (1862)
September 20, 2007 1:49am CST
Do you always feel that your money is not enough? Yes ,I do. I don't want to talk about it ,but I must admit the feeling is so bad. I want to buy many good things ,travel around the world,and so on. But I find my poket is empty before I can do these things. I think hard work is the only way of changing my situation. May be you can give me some advice,my friends.
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@EMZo03 (213)
21 Nov 07
Money sucks, but it rules everything in this world. My family doesnt have that much dough, and I wanna so bad be able to help out. Not only that but I wanna be able to help out around the world too. It just sucks when you cant make ends meet, when minimum wage just wears you thin. The richer the rich get, the poorer the poor get... everywhere. Theres a bunch of rich shmucks in this world, they dont even know what to do with their money. Why not donate it? Help out a little? Whatever. My point is Im getting pretty money hungry n its consuming most of my thoughts.. you know, thinking of new ways to get cash. All I want is for my family to not have to worry anymore, to be able to travel the world, to have an M3 n be secure, and to help out n make the world a better place. Money is power.
• Malaysia
20 Sep 07
hi, is really not enough money to use lo.. but i save on my money but still no enough to use also.. so that i had can earn money at mylot.. if got other way earn money then me will try go earn also..
@williamjisir (22903)
• China
20 Sep 07
I have never found that I have money enough for so many things. It has been my dream to have enough money to make some investment to get more profit so that my family have more money to live a better life. I have always been hoping to travel to as many places as I can with my family so that we can know more about my own country---China. It has always been my dream to have enough money to travel abroad as well. My favorite places to travel to southeastern Asian coutries, which are close to my country and as we are all Asian, I think, that we have more in common to share with each other. I do hope that I have enough money to do all of the things that I want to do. Without money we can do nothing. i wish that I had a gold tree that bears gold like rain pouring in. lol.