why talk only about present--time to think about indias future..

@anuj291 (575)
September 20, 2007 5:35am CST
every one is discussin 20-20 cup and who is the captain and all,,so here are a few questions 1)who all think indian team can attain that lost glory again 2)who all thinks that india has a chance in upcoming world cup 3)what will happen to indian cricket when big peop;e like sachin,gangyuly dravid retire--cuz they will soon enough,,,and we have no good talent (leavin a few) now after what had happened to ganguly,,what would have happened if he would have been offered the post as captain as we are talkin about future WHAT IF GANGULY BECOMES INDIAS COACH--THE MAN WITH MOST CONTROVERSIES a lot to discuss people so common....
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