In-law competition????

@BlackBay (584)
September 20, 2007 7:31am CST
Does anyone have any in-laws that seem to compete with them about the things they have? I have a brother-in-law that ALWAYS buys something right after we buy something and it's getting on our nerves. We bought a big screen tv a few years back and 2 weeks later he bought the same one. Now we bought a Plasma tv, he's just metioned he wants one now. We bought our truck, guess what he's got one now...the list goes's seems like he's competeing with his brother if he can get one so can I. We are in no way in competition with anyone of his family members and the things we have we have worked very hard for them and appreciate them. We are also happy when another family member buys something nice for themselves and don't feel we have to run out and buy one too,it's silly. Can anyone relate to this and how do you handle it?
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28 Oct 07
Yes, one of my sister-in-laws is like this. If my husband or I say something she has to one up it. "I work harder, I make more money, my dog is better," etc. we bought a house, she had to buy a bigger house six months later that is far too big for her right now on her own. But oh well. We talked about getting a dog she shows up with a dog the week before we got ours. It's annoying and frustrating but I just try to ignore it now. I figure, things will all work out in the end and as long as my husband and I are happy, that's all that matters.