Standing Up For The Truth.

September 20, 2007 10:17am CST
There is always that honesty element in each one of us. Sometimes when in a situation, we have to make the choice to say the truthful things. When we chose to say untruthful words, it often hurt us more than the other parties. Have you ever been in situations where you had to make a difficult choice to say the right truthful words, even though it may hurt someone you loved or are close to? Why not share your experiences so we can all learn from each other?
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• Canada
23 Sep 07
I have been in these situations many time throughout my life and expect that to continue. In my view it never serves any purpose to lie, fib, stay silent, avoid truths that need to be said. Eventually those patterns alienate people because without openness and trust...there cannot be real love. So whenever I need to address something that doesn't feel right...I do. If someone asks my opinion...they know I will answer as truthfully as possible. Sometimes the truth has to be said gently...and always with respect for others feelings. To me most people can discuss anything if it the conversation is within 'respectful dialog' that does attack or demean. When we are unwilling to be honest with others for whatever the reason we are basically denying them the chance to 'handle their own stuff.' Look at the devastating effects the 'yes' people have on the Spears, Lohan's and Hilton's. They surround themselves with people that tell them only what they want to hear rather than having someone sit down and say.."Hey...look at the cause and effect of your actions have everything and you're throwing it away!" It appears from outside observance that no one in their camps are willing to sit them down and have an honest chat about the life choices they are making. That happens in everyday life too. People push their truths down...and eventually relationships are destroyed. So yes..I do my best to be honest...and if others cannot handle it...well that is their choice. I refuse to compromise my integrity because someone cannot handle the fact that I care about them enough to be honest. That is the yardstick for me with all my relationships that have any substance. With people I work with there are times I may not say what I think unless asked...but if they do want to know...I say it. The statement that I live by is this..."In openness there is trust...and in trust there is love." That says it all for me.
• Canada
26 Sep 07
Thanks for the best response...I appreciate the kudos!
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• Malaysia
28 Sep 07
That was a great experience you have had. I felt you deserved that best response. Do keep on sharing your thoughts and experiences with us as often as you can. Who knows, someone half way around this globe is waiting for an answer. Let us be the providers.
@Ramsakha (205)
• India
7 Oct 07
Telling a lie always hurts us back. One should always stand up for truth. If one faced a situation where truth is going to harm some then it is better to keep quiet.
@angel108 (570)
• Philippines
4 Oct 07
In reality truth should not hurt anyone.In fact truth is liberating.If I have told the truth and someone is hurt either I express it not in a right way or that person is not yet ready to listen.