United States
October 27, 2006 11:04am CST
The NAVIsis EZ-Canvas turns any LCD or CRT computer monitor into a fully-functional touchscreen. Which is very useful because (a) I can't draw fecal matter with the mouse to save my life, (b) my mouse gives me carpal tunnel problems, (c) Nintendo DS games and 'brews, and (d) it's frickin' cool, period. I may even start submitting handwritten QJ posts now. Oh wait, bad idea. I can't write legibly either. What's so nice about the EZ-Canvas is that it's snap-on, snap-off easy, and the software actually makes the thing useful to professionals, lecturers, kids, and gadgetheads alike. It uses ultrasonic technology to track the pen's position along the surface of the acrylic screen. The screen's software will interface with word processors, PowerPoint, drawing programs, even IM chats - this is all we can glean from the product brochure, but wouldn't it be wicked to Command & Conquer by touchscreen? Maybe, maybe not - but hey, if the Nintendo DS can pull off touch-screen games, and we've had them on touchscreen PDAs, why can't computers?
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