What Show Should Come Back

United States
September 20, 2007 8:16pm CST
what show ended/cancelled that should come back? what show SHOULD end?[arrgh, i can't think of one]
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• Philippines
4 Mar 08
god, i can think of so many! lol. first Veronica Mars!!! grrr...i really that type of show. lotsa information on various things. and its also practical if your digging dirt on someone. lol. then Tru Calling, i just wanted to know how they would end it considering the conflict of ideas and philosophy. The 4400 too. i also want to know how they would end that kind of plot. The travelers, The Dresden Files, Point Pleasant and so on. geesh, so many!
21 Sep 07
I used to love Thirty Something, an 80's show, I loved it!!!
• United States
21 Sep 07
invasion. it was on abc 2 years ago. it was such a good show! they ended the first season wit so many questions unanswered. they could have at least made a show to end it all instead of ending it like that. that would at least answer all the questions. this show was as good as heroes! thats hard to get to