United States
September 20, 2007 11:58pm CST
Do you think that its wrong to like one child more than the other.
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@biggerb (2028)
• India
21 Sep 07
Yes it is definately wrong.Normally when teachers show favouritism in class i know how annoying it used to be for the rest of us.In a family the feelings will be even worse.We are family of five.My mom has my sister as her favourite and i am my dad's favourite.The other three of them do feel alot as if they are left out of the family.Its just not correct.Thankfully for me i just have one child.But when i look around most of the families have this kind of favouritism.
• United States
21 Sep 07
I know i think that it is wrong but i see that this happens alot...
@Nardz13 (5059)
• New Zealand
21 Sep 07
Hi there. Personally speaking, I think it is wrong to treat one child different to the rest... Not too mention, creating problems for all involved down the track, when those children and child grow older, there will come a time when not only the parent will notice and feel hurt about it, but the child and chidren involved will wonder why was he/she raised differently and treated like that, he/she will often think why was'nt he liked/loved the same...
@vinzen (1022)
• India
21 Sep 07
Of course not and i feel we as parents must be having our favourites too, but what is wrong is disclosing the fact that yopu like either of your kids. That hurts the feelings and sentiments or the kids, as they have tender hearts and any kind of favouritism would hurt the kids, and that is what must be avoided. I feel that if we do like a particular quality or a particualr child, which is very normal, we must praise that, but make sure that you also praise the other child for a quality that the other child may have also , isnt it? so that both the kids get your attention, love and feel good about themselves too. Some kids are so good and without any flaws that is tough to even pin point a single problem or flaw in them, and so it becomes natural to like them, but we as parents and elders have to realise that agreed you must praise such kids, but what about those who are also wanting to become good, who are not liking to be compared or arent liking it when you appreciate just one and not the other. All i would say is that these things are natural, but appreciate the best in all the kids you come across as each one has a special quality in them, encourage thse who arent as good, and praise those who are good and encourgae them to become better, but never praise or like or love one child alone, neglecting the other, that would be unfair i think.
@eprado (1473)
• Philippines
21 Sep 07
Hello free2lmao, yes I think that its wrong to like one child more that the other. All of them are your child and you have to love them all equally. If your giving more preference to one child more than the other this is where usually sibling rivalry arises. They might tend to not like each other and always fight for reasons of jealousy. It could also lead to the other child to feel unloved that may lead to having emotional problems. I think as parent we should love all our kids equally. :-)