when is it time?

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September 21, 2007 12:25am CST
when do you stop giving the bottle? when do you let go of the sassy? can you help with some suggestions in doing these things!!!!
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@phoenix25 (1543)
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15 May 08
I think my son was about 1 or 1 and a half when I got him off of bottles. I just started giving him sippy cups during the day. I started out giving him one a day like with his afternoon snack and then I started replacing bottles with sippy cups, eventually having him have all of his drinks out of sippy cups during the day and having a bottle at night before bed. Sleeping time was really difficult with my son, so we saved getting rid of that bottle for last because he always hated to go to sleep. Eventually, we got rid of that bottle too when I felt like he had gotten the hang of the sippy cup pretty well. I am not sure what you mean by sassy. If you're talking about a pacifier, I can't really help. My son got thrush when he was only a few months old and after that he didn't want pacifiers anymore. He was never really crazy about them to begin with.
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4 May 08
It all depends on the child really. With me my mom stopped giving me a bottle at 6 months old, but with my brother it was more like 2 years old. In my opinion, I would say between 1 and 1.5 years old is when it is time to transfer them over to a sippy cup - with maybe a bottle at night. I am guessing by 'sassy' you mean a pacifier? Most people like to wean their children off of pacifiers by the time they are 2.5 years old. I don't think it would be good to let them have it longer than that, as they will develop a habit of putting things in their mouth to soothe them (which has the possibility of leading to obesity by eating to soothe). Suggestions on how to stop giving the bottle; make a big celebration of how your child is a Big Boy/Girl and how they have graduated to a sippy cup! Make it exciting for them. If they insist on having a bottle - only allow them to have it at night, and every other night take it away so they get used to not having it. Suggestion on how to stop the pacifier: (Taken from Super-Nanny, it really does work!) Materials you will need: Envelope Glitter Glue Small toy Tell your son/daughter that tonight the paci-fairy will come, and that she takes all big-kids pacifiers/binkys/whatever you call it and gives them to little babies who need them. Hand them an envelope that has been predecorated that is addressed to the Paci-Fairy, tell them to gather all of the pacifiers in the house to give to the Paci-Fairy and she'll leave him/her a gift in the morning. When the child gives up all the pacifiers you then have them stick the envelope in the mailbox. While they are sleeping put some glitter/decorations on the mailbox and an envelope decorated and addressed to the child, put a small toy in the envelope for the child - and throw out all the old pacifiers.
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3 May 08
i can help with that i stopped my baby girl at 1yr old at 2weeks before she turned 1 i was mixing formula and milk and she loved it,then i gave her a sippy cup for her first birthday the best bet is get enough binkys and throw all of the bottles away at once so your not weenie them off,its much easier for you and baby hope that helps
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21 Sep 07
I think a child should get taken off the bottle around a year old. Give or take a few months depending on the child. By that time a child is walking and probably has a few teeth. So they are capable of feeding themselves regular food. Usually by that time they start biting though the nipples anyways. What is a sassy? I've never heard that term.