best years in life

September 21, 2007 4:20am CST
It is a saying that life begins at 40. To me it is for those who are 40 and above, just to say that they are still young. For me there is no bearing on whether one is young or old, the best is that he can carry his age, he can do what he think is right, he can fight, he can laugh, love and lost and just shout for joy and sorrow.
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@sunkissed (4332)
• United States
5 Jun 08
Well I am 56 years old, and to me I would have to agree that life really does begin after 40.Well for most, you are settled into a good job, your children are prettly well grown and taking care of themselves.You now have time to find out who you really are.You are no longer saddled down with raising children, you can come and go as you please.Do what you want to do.
• Philippines
6 Jun 08
Age doest matter really. As you grow old your understanding of life grows. You can understand better things that you cannot understand before. You are mature in ways but sometimes, even if mature in age you are young at heart. Be happy always. Thanks for the response.
• Australia
26 Oct 07
At 20 your busy learning and trying to keep up with everything whether it be computers, ipods, friends, family, jobs, relationships etc. At 30 you generally are trying to survive your kids. You don't have the time to do any of the things you did at 20 but you still have the want. At 40 you really don't care about keeping up, you learn what you want to because you want to not because you need to be like everyone else. You seem to find a place where you fit, your kids are becoming more self sufficient and you now have me time again, you learn not to waste it on the things and people that are not important to you. Its a weird place to be but i'm getting used to it, and really starting to enjoy it but I like you didn't understand it till I got here. All stages in life are different in their own way, I presume if they weren't we would all get bored ****less.
• Philippines
5 Jun 08
But would you believe that even if I am fast 20 I am still learning on computers, ipods and the latest in electronics. Different people have different looks on life, but in the end, the same stages in life happens to every one of us, even at different age. Thanks for the response and sorry for the late comment.