Do you know what a Jumpdrive is?

United States
September 21, 2007 6:47pm CST
Yeah yeah, a jumpdrive sounds like one of those futuristic things on some scifi thrill show set in space but no. That's not at all what a jumpdrive is. A jumpdrive holds a certain amount of space. It's like a little mini harddrive. It's really quite an amazing thing to have. I was just curious, how many of you have actually heard of/have a jumpdrive & what was your inspiration for getting one?
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• China
22 Sep 07
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@eprado (1473)
• Philippines
22 Sep 07
Hello LouieWpHs04, Yes I know what a jumpdrive is. Also known as a flash drive or keychain drive, is a plug-and-play portable storage device that uses flash memory and is lightweight enough to attach to a key chain. Jumpdrive can be used in place of a floppy disk, Zip drive disk, or CD. When the user plugs the device into the USB port, the computer's operating system recognizes the device as a removable drive and assigns it a drive letter. Unlike most removable drives, a jump drive does not require rebooting after it's attached, does not require batteries or an external power supply, and is not platform dependent. Several manufacturers offer additional features such as password protection, and downloadable drivers that allow the device to be compatible with older systems that do not have USB ports. This drives are available in capacities ranging up to about 65 gigabytes (GB), depending on manufacturer, in a corresponding range of prices. With a USB jump drive, data can be retained for long periods when the device is unplugged from the computer or when the computer is powered-down with the drive left in. This makes the USB jump drive convenient for transferring data between a desktop computer and a notebook computer, or for personal backup needs. This are the reason why I had purchased one. Recently I had purchase a new one with a 4Gb capacity. :-)
13 Jan 09
I don't have a jump drive, but i have a keychain zip drive
@Lydia1901 (16354)
• United States
13 Jan 09
Hi Louie, This is my very first time hearing about Jumpdrive. It sounds amazing. It doesn't sound like something that would interest me to go looking for it but thanks for the information nonetheless.