deadly weapons!

@nurhoney (1123)
September 22, 2007 12:20am CST
My cousin was out partying last night at the bar. Some people got into a fight and everybody stopped what they were doing and just looked at the group fighting. The security guards were alerted quickly coz a guy pulled out a gun (which is not allowed inside any premise and illegal to use if you dont have a licensed for it). The guy with the gun was saying that he was a police officer but off duty already. The guy with the gun and his friend were supposed to be brought to the police station but they went out quickly coz they could have been put to jail for that. The thing is, its so scary when you ar stuck in a place where people gets so violent suddenly. Its a good thing that guy didnt start firing his gun, that would have been a very bad situation. Have you been inside a place where people gets so violent and uses some sort of deadly weapons with them? what did you do?
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@aseretdd (13736)
• Philippines
22 Sep 07
I have never been in that situation and i pray it would never happen to me or to any member of my family... if that guy is indeed a policeman he should be reported and be punished for what he did... And establishemts like that should see to it that all people who enter their establishment are free from deadly weapons...
@nurhoney (1123)
• Philippines
23 Sep 07
i know...the sad thing is, we cant report him coz he went out of the bar so fast and nobody knows was also the club's fault of bad security service...thanks for sharing.
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
20 Feb 11
Hi. nurhoney. This is a bad bad situation to be in! I have never went through this before. Many people have that was not me though. I don't attend wild parties at all. I don't go to clubs. That is when people will start acting like they are crazy. I avoid places like these. It is bad enough that weapons are used outside of an party. I am not trying to be exposed to any either. This guy was an impersonator. I would not trust him at all.