bore to death

September 22, 2007 4:19am CST
have you ever felt boredom? in case you do....pls send me some tips on how to overcome it. I had a new work now, and being a trainee...supposed to be they will trained me, but they always told me that there are docs that are terms of handling one. but being a is not a neophyte to a corporate world...but they treated me like one. trainee means, allow you to handle things may it be sensitive or not. They bored me to death, without doing nothing, just look at the pc and browse to some site...i may sound too proud, but i believe to be an efficient and reliable employee, i or they need me to expose to a kind of work they doing... im planning to quit if they treated me like this later...
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@Zhinnta (20)
• Australia
23 Sep 07
It's hard to know what to say without knowing what sort of field/work you're doing, or how long you've been there for. However, taking a broad view of things, there's a few things that might be worth trying. If they are truly not giving you anything productive to do, consider approaching them about it. It might be worth asking them if they'd consider letting you deal with more things if you signed a confidentiality agreement or some such. Depending on the area of work, and the personalities & availability of staff, try asking if they will let you watch them do particular tasks & take notes. Write down every step, & learn them later (when you're at work with nothing productive to do) While being a trainee means yes, they are required to train you... it also means that you are starting at the bottom, and have to work your way up. Perhaps they are trying to get you familiar with layouts or operating systems or some such. I am assuming the site they were asking you to browse was company-related somehow... knowing background information about where you work can be very helpful. Regardless, watch and listen... to everything. Learn all that you can, regardless of whether or not it is immediately related to the tasks they are asking you to do. When the time comes that they ask you to attempt what you've been watching, you can surprise them by how quickly you pick it up, and things should go smoother from there.