September 22, 2007 7:20am CST
I felt in love with a girl. She's wonderful, so sweet, and she always care about me, even if she doesn't live near me - we have the sea which separe us for months. We first meet was in Milan, on February. I'd never talked to her before that day, and she was so funny, and lovely. We started to talk on messenger, until I understood I really like her, not as friend, but as lover. I fought with my mother to let me go to her - mum doesn't know about us, she know that she a close friend - and after a month of "I want go, let me go", I leave home to go there for two weeks. And they were the best weeks of my life. Whan I returned home, she came with me. She met my parents, and I thing they like her. She's very kind, and she's a great cooker.
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• Philippines
23 Sep 07
I know your emotions at this point. I really admire those people who were brave enough to tell the truth with regards to this matter. As we all know that the "truth will set you free," so there is no reason to feel upset about it. If you are happy to be with this girl, then go for it. However, there is a consequence, there is a boundary or limitation between your relationship. As we all know that it is against in the eyes of GOD to have an affair with same sexuality. But you can live together as one of your close friend, and it is really accepted and ethical. I hope that you would really find the best person that will trully and faithfully love you, and that you would find the true happiness and relationship that you have been waiting for. May God bless you and have a great day!
• Italy
23 Sep 07
Thanks a lot..
@hassanah (387)
• Malaysia
22 Sep 07
I hope you understand that people always look strange to homosexuality.Its hard to believe it but be patient and do not think about them.
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• Italy
22 Sep 07
Yes I know it... but I can't stand that they said that it was ok, and now they don't give prove of this... Thanks a lot, anyway^^