do's and dont's before and after a marrige

@anuj291 (575)
September 22, 2007 1:42pm CST
well i am a rockie at this ,,so i guess i will be needin ur advice,, so plz ur comments are very very valuable thnx
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@theprogamer (10539)
• United States
23 Sep 07
I'll do what I can with this. I've never been married and I'm not much in relationships, but I'll give whatever advice I can. ************************************************ Before Marriage DOs Do spend time together often, but when you are able to Do get to know each other Do encourage each other and support each others dreams and hobbies Do watch the person you are with in case of deception Do romance each other, make it both ways, not just one person bringing it Do make your dates and time together unique when possible Do what you want to do some of the time for dates Do what your partner wants to do some of the time for dates Do what you both want to do for a date whenever you can Do win the other persons heart, and do it constantly Do meet the family (this can be before or after marriage depends on circumstance) DONTs Don't put others over the person you are dating in many cases Don't be lazy when dating Don't expect the other person to be your domestic slave Don't force the other person do to things they don't want (especially intimacy) Don't date other people (unless your partner is cool with it. Still...) ********************************************************************** After Marriage DO's Do honor the vows (if any were made) Do continue to win the heart of the other person, its ongoing Do favors for each other Do communicate when needed, it'll definitely be needed Do set household rules and chores (not romantic but needed) Do date each other when you can DONT'S Don't lie to each other Don't insult each other Don't hurt each other (it'll be hard to do, but do your best to avoid it) Don't cheat on each other (unforgivable) Don't use certain favors or children as bargaining chips against each other
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@anuj291 (575)
• India
23 Sep 07
thanx man.,,,thnx a lot,,that was a very nice response