A Trip by my dream....

way back and fort - it is where we pass everyday going to my work and back to our home.
September 22, 2007 3:36pm CST
One night i was so tired after the all day work and some duty at home so i fall asleep after i open the televion before going to bed,im planning to watch tv first to take a rest... but all of a sudden i saw my self in a beautiful place like a you kinda paradise.. it is so green from the mountain to the garden, the flower has a different colors,shape and the fragrance that adds to the magic of the place, i need to know where i am so i walk again hoping that there would be somebody whom i can ask where i am or what kind of place is it, but rather my eyes was catch by the shinning light of a blinking red thing in the grass,,,, i walk near and stared to it,,, its red, beautiful shinny thing..tranparent, and it seems priceless,, i bend my knees and continue watching this strange thing,, its a gem? ruby? oh my Goodnees is this true? somebody might drop it here and lost, i'm supposed to pick it up when i hear a voice from nowhere " did you got it all" hope you share some" but my eyes catch only here end part of here shawl or dress which i believe is very long and beautiful, i never know who is she or who is he,,,,I tried to follow the voice from where it comes but all i see is the other kind of gems scattered around this beautiful place,,near by the stream with beautiful flowers sorrounded,,and in beyond the other side there is a big white beautiful house which look like calling me,,,another voice again talk " did you share it all" and i reply yes all of them but am i not in trouble sharing those gem which is not mine?... But no voice or any one answer to me again,,i come in to the house its like a beautiful hotel or palace i must say,, with every one smilling, everyone is so kind and courteous, they assist me with mty way to the dining room with all the food ready on a long table,,, but i noticed that i am allone in the room after that so check in the other side of the room, an old lady ask me if i need some one to serve me while eating,, " no im alright but i need some one to share this food" i am not happy to eat with this food allone.. then i open my eyes with the televion turn blue and a red apples in my hand im still in my room, my husband still outside,,, need to go to bed now,,, so i travel while watching tv?
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