Would You?

@ebusaf (329)
United States
September 22, 2007 7:48pm CST
Would you lie for a friend if you know they have done something wrong? Would you risk your freedom to cover for a friend or families, freedom? Me personally, I tell all my friends, don't do nothing illegal around me...because if I'm asked, I'm telling. What about you?
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@eprado (1473)
• Philippines
23 Sep 07
Hello ebusaf, I wouldn't want to lie for a friend if they have done something that is really bad and wrong. I know my friend wouldn't do such a thing and we always reminds each other not to do so anything thats is wrong and illegal. :-)
@cutebaby4 (196)
• India
23 Sep 07
There is nothing in lying for a friend if u know that your lie can be helpful to him. As the saying goes "A lie which can save a life, is far better than a thousand truths." So if my lie is going to pull out my friend from any trouble, i wont hesitate to lie, knowing very well, that its going to be of help.
• United States
23 Sep 07
It would depend on the situation. like I know this girl whos' borfriend does not like her going to the bar on friday's even though can. I lie for her. But I would not lie about anything illegal