Is there really a true religion?

September 23, 2007 4:49am CST
Yes! That is my question. As we all know that there are a lot of religions now a days. Have you ever been thinking if why there a lot of religions. We have come to know that we only have one GOD, which is the creator of all things, same commandments to follow with same vision, then why some people build their own religion? Do you think that there is really a true religion? How can we be able to unite and harmonize as one if there are conflicts and differences in terms of teachings and doctrines?
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24 Sep 07
There are some who would disagree with your assessment that we have come to know that we only have one god. There are plenty of polytheistic religions out there. If you are asking for my opinion, even though I can't stomach most of the Christians out there I still adhere to Christianity because, at the end of the day, it's the only religion that recognizes the absolute inadequacy of people to be able to effectively follow it. You do your best but leave your salvation up to someone else while acknowledging your lack of ability to obtain it yourself. I also adhere to certain doctrines within Christianity which many believe to be heretical. If you do a web search for the terms Preterism and Universalisn you will discover the things that I believe and I think that anyone who bothers to take a few minutes to consider these doctrines would have no choice but to believe in the utter logic of them. The problem is that understanding either or both concepts requires being able to think for oneself and that is something that most Christians out there simply haven't been conditioned to do. It's not that they can't, it's just that no one has told them they're allowed. I hope that answers your question, at least from one perspective.
• Philippines
24 Sep 07
I really appreciate your ideas with regards on this matter and I agree on you. Yes, absolutely, many would really disagree on my assessment because it was not clarified. I am talking about Christianity, but failed to place it on my discussion. I stand to be corrected here. Yes! Me too, I also adhere with the teachings of Christianity because you can totally see that their concepts and doctrines were adequate and can be accredited. But I really respect others religion. As long as we believe that we have GOD who will save and will give us an everlasting salvation. Thanks for that wonderful ideas! Have a nice day!
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@MrNiceGuy (4147)
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23 Sep 07
How have we come to know that there is one god? Who says? And how can anyone be sure? And each of the different religions' gods teach different things, so either the inventor of that religion is arbitrarily making up rules, or the gods are saying different things and someone has to be right and some wrong.
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• Philippines
24 Sep 07
That is a good answer MrNiceGuy! I am so sorry, I was not able to place the word christian in my discussion, which may readily confuse the discussion. I agree on your opinions, but if we are going to base it in Christianity, we believed that there is only one GOD, which is GOD the father who created the earth, the universe, and all living and non-living things. However, as we all know that not all people are christians. We have different ethnics, tribes, cultures, etc., which at the same time, have its own different set of viewpoint, faith, belief, doctrine, or standpoint with regards on this matter. I stand to be corrected. Thanks for sharing your great ideas! Have a nice day!
@lancingboy (1386)
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3 Nov 07
Personally, I think all religions have a good thing to offer. Who knows, they could all be right and the Creator/s were seeing if we could get along with each other with all these different religious texts and teachings? I also think that the divine shows him/her/it/themselves to people differently because that is the way the individual is suppose to see them that way. Seeing how there are so many cultures on the planet, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. Plus, the monotheistic and polytheistic cultures have similar deities, just they have different names. Like a goddess of love, a god of war, deities of the sky, ect.
15 Sep 12
Hello braveheart07, greetings. Your presented discussion dated 5 years ago but to me this the most pressing and updated question that needs to be answered soon not later. Because when the answer comes late, it will results to more religious confusions as what I have presented recently. But the next question will be, Who can answer it truthfully, genuinely and with unquestionable authority?
@buenavida (8275)
• Sweden
25 Jun 11
Why donĀ“t we ask the one who created us to even be able to want to know him? One person who said that he knows God was Jesus, the Christ to the Christians, the prophet to muslims and well, he is a real person in the history for everyone. If there is a God who cares about us, why not test and see, and talk to Him and ask Him to send someone to teach you to know Him. The great teacher Jesus told us to keep searching and we should find. Why not do just that?